MY PEUGEOT 108 Modern and elegant, the new Peugeot 108 stimulates everyone’s creative inspiration. Choose from the 7 different design themes to stand out on every road you take. Chic, refined, urban, sporty… whatever your preferred style may be, many,


In the hatchback and convertible models, the all-new 108 Collection is coming to town in five ultimate fun shades: Golden Yellow, Gallium Grey, Lipizzan White, Cobalt Blue and Scarlet Red. Fashionable and sophisticated, these unique models also include a model with a retractable fabric roof in Black or Blue Denimi, Blue or Chrome rear view mirror coversi, Grey Rayura and Llama fabric seats, white-striped door sills and floor mats, as well as dashboard trim to perfectly match the body paintwork colouri. The White or Blue Denimi exterior sticker decals on the profile and tailgate highlight the sporty and stylish contours of the 108 TOP! model.



With the Peugeot 108, you can be both chic and sporty at the same time. Cleverly reinterpreting the classic hound’s-tooth pattern with a contemporary 3D effect, the "Dressy"(1)(2) theme offers a smart combination of fashion and sport codes that will thrill even the most demanding style-hounds!



Presenting the "Playlist" theme - conceived especially for the music lover in you, with audio player-inspired pictograms that reflect your eclectic musical taste. Disco, rock, pop, electro … go ahead, roam the city at your own tempo - the 108 will have no trouble keeping up!



The "Diamond"(1)(2) theme is par excellence the glamorous trend-setter. There’s no way you’ll go unnoticed with this gem. Its alternating shiny and matt prisms give the metal added dimension and a sense of constant motion. The Peugeot 108 even dazzles the experts. You’ll definitely be the star of the road and leave sizzle marks in your tracks!




Urban and high-tech, the "Barcode"(1)(2) trend plays with colour and lines, overturning established dress codes. This ultra-contemporary theme represents the modern choice.




Double your driving enjoyment with the new "Dual"(3) theme, available on the three-door and five-door versions of the PEUGEOT 108 hatchback. This bold, confident look features two-tone body paintwork, with a long sticker combining a range of shadings with sheer transparency serving as a sophisticated divider.

With "Dual", you'll make twice the impression when driving through town - in short, the best of both worlds.

The following combinations are available: Purple Berry/Zircon Grey, Laser Red/Raven Black, Tahoe Blue/Zircon Grey, French Blue/Raven Black, Zircon Grey/Carbon Grey and Purple Berry/Raven Black.




"Tattoo" (1)(2) plays up a flashy floral look emblazoned with street-art confidence. This theme enables the Peugeot 108 to show the world a daring, delightfully offbeat style, somewhere between pastoral romanticism and a bold urban attitude. "Tattoo" is the trend for those who know how to preserve the gentle side of their soul while proudly embracing their extravagant edge. It’s much more than skin deep.




The "Sport"(1) theme gives the Peugeot 108 a dynamic look. Its shiny black side-view mirror covers, red edging and unique floor mats make the "Sport" option the right choice for men and women who love to lead a very athletic lifestyle. The checker-board theme leaves no room for doubt.




Some people envision every ride in their car as if they were on an elegant, timeless outing. With the "Kilt"(1)(2) theme, the 108 gives the classic tartan a fresh twist by adding subtle scratch marks to the plaid stripes. Traditional and yet contemporary, this geometric pattern will take those in search of revisiting the oldies but goodies into a whole new era laced with the incomparable French flair.





(1) 6 themes to personalise the saloon car version: stickers for the exterior, covers for the side-view mirrors, stickers for the interior, floor mats, key covers.
(2) 5 themes to personalise the convertible version: stickers for the exterior, covers for the side-view mirrors, stickers for the interior, floor mats, key covers.
(3) Six two-tone variants to personalise the three-door and five-door hatchback: bodyline sticker shading from Black/Grey to transparent, retro body colour for the upper body paintwork and floor mats.