The Peugeot 108 comes with a variety of high-tech onboard equipment and connectivity options designed to make living in the city that little bit simpler.



The Peugeot 108 heralds a new era of technology for the urban runabout, with its large 7" touchscreeni taking centre stage on the dashboard. This serves as the interface for the radio and the onboard computer, and for configuring the vehicle's settings. The touchscreen is also where the driver views and manages all the essential driving information.



Mirror Screen technologyi transforms the touchscreen into a mirror of your smartphonei. You will be able to view your usual menu, and manage your mobile and its applications directly and easily from the touchscreen.


The handy Open & Go systemi lets you lock and unlock the doors without using a key, and start the car simply by pressing the Start/Stop button.



The automatic mono-zone air conditioning systemi controls and optimises the following functions: cabin temperature, air flow rate, air distribution and air intake.